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Workload of staff, as a rule, nothing. There are staff who one and the same amount of work to cope with varying speed and quality. So that this criterion is better to lose and a lot of staff to download work, the most effective way to find how to increase the speed and volume, respectively, of the work performed. It is better to divide the functional for each employee – there are several blocks in the personnel department 1.Naym, HR clerical, 2.Napisanie job descriptions, staff training (primary, not in depth) the execution of job descriptions. 3.Postanovka for the post. adaptation of personnel, etc. 4. Read additional details here: Starbucks.

The lines of communication (the secretariat, members of Outgoing call forwarding) 5. Control personnel (inspection personnel, control of execution) Settlement of the problems of staff. 6.Otsenka effectiveness of personnel policy 7.Kadrovaya And now look how many people in the company, as recruitment of incoming calls, etc. staff in the personnel department should be enough that they could handle all anticipated flow. But it is possible to raise efficiency and hiring and training and job. There appropriate technologies. More professional staff will need less.

Evaluate your staff on the success of the product which he sozdaet.Osnovnye difficulties in constructing the evaluation system efficiency of staff, are in the correct determination of the result of work of each employee. But from experience with ordinary performers all pretty easy. We measure the weight a porter, etc. When the estimate is for work managers have to try here. After all, the fish rots from the head. If the wrong measure that makes the head, the result will be incorrect. Classical systems, building on the overall evaluation of the effectiveness number of subordinate production personnel, specific leadership and in fact it only partially reflects the actual work of the head. What is offered to you, fully reflects the true value officer or director for the company and his personal performance. Implementing a performance evaluation system for personnel, we completely change the performance of the company. Also built a graphical system display the number of product produced. The use of statistics in a company or organization provides predictability and control of her. Statistics allow you to identify performance person or any area, and with these data, we can take action to improve the condition in which the activities of the person or organization. Below are some examples of the determination of effectiveness. More information can be found on the '> Methodology to evaluate personnel. This consultation can be carried out without the specialist.

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