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-And many have already agreed to go for you? -Her. You’ll be the first. In general, the prospect of being the first has always inspired me, but not now. -Why? -I understand that I will need to bring their friends and relatives? -Yes! It is true that simple? I thought. How to tell her to not offend and that she knew where she was a heap. -Tell me.

Are you sure the company is 100%, which this is not scam? -I do not understand this. -Who invited you? -Girlfriend. “And you trust her? And if she knew that the company is aspirin-scam, it will be your friend? Here is my companion wondered. -Probably not. -How will you look into the eyes of visiting friends? rs The paradox is that the situation is unnatural and unreal as to the network, as well as for the linear business. But if such a situation would arise in traditional business, we are its immediate would define as demented, but in other situations, we allow to be deceived. R.S.S.V traditional business dialogue might look like somewhere like this:-Uncle! And you do not want to be a Millionaire? I propose to lead a new company with aircraft. -You are the director of the company? -No, I’m just a clerk.

-Tell me, do you have experience of such work? -No. Where? I was told that there is no need education. -So you are looking for a director? Why are you looking for the unknowns of people on the street? (Cold contacts). -And I was told that I offered to everyone. So, as you have seats on the director? And if I can? – Can. The company has the best business plan! “You compare itself with other plans? -No. I said so. “And yet, it is very one great product! -You need more and sell it? -Uh-uh. I secretly told what to buy should once and for all. -What plane? No, the headteacher. A do it will be necessary to become a millionaire? -Buy one time and place of all. And then need to call all their friends into millionaires. And they will call their friends. And everyone will pay for the headteacher, and you will receive a percentage of their payment. – A aircraft who will do?

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