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Who said that fashion is alone woman subject? The number of investments in the masculine segment is increasing and it is not for less, they until can not understand accurately as it happens, but if they more interest each time for the subject. Example of this was the great number of men in the So Paulo Fashion Week. They until had tried to pass unobserved, but the intent looks what it happened in passarelas, called the attention. The Otto singer was to confer the parade of the Cavalera, in the third day of the event. Grife brought part with many adereos, for they, pants with bell mouth, dresses with embroiderings. For they, mixed colors and clippings. (A valuable related resource: Jim Umpleby).

Soon of the Cavalera, figures of rock, flowers, caveiras and painter Frida Kahlo also they were gifts in passarelas. The former-player of soccer RAI conferred the parade of Fernanda Yamamoto, the estilista collaborates with the Foundation Goal of Letter. The estilista used a Japanese icon in its collection, the good looking Hello Kitty, but without appealing the side teen the figure. With terrosos tones, it gave a more sober air to figure. Beyond the terroso tone, Fernanda used blue-marine and the swimming pool and to complete, the green-water. You cut off them are rounded off and the length of the parts is a little above of the knee. Maiara Tavares said that he was one of the best parades of this edition.

the player was folloied by its former-woman, chef Danielle Dahoui. RAI gave two reasons to go to the parade of feminine parts: to be friend of the estilista and to like to presentear the three children and the granddaughter, for this, according to it, would need to be the new features of the world of the fashion. The actor Johnny Massaro was to attend grife Joo Pepper. In passarela looks monochromatic in black person, white and silver, contrasting with parts that mix vibrant colors, colorblocking as green-emerald, rose, yellow and amethyst. Also the actor Pablo Vilhena was present in the parade of the Neon, that showed in passarela a series of parts in colorblocking, with golden, red, blue orange and. Beyond the colors, grife opted to using weaveeed shining, that provided looks a more intense appearance. Forms varied in the parts and in accessories, as hats and handkerchiefs completed the collection. Already Leonardo Miggiorin preferred to confer of close the masculine collection to Alexander Herchcovitch. With inspiration in it fishes and in the hunting, the parts are very colored. The overlappings made with vests and shirts had called the attention. Great coats in beige tone and red, for example, showed the proposal of the estilista. Blazers, pants and bermuda shorts appeared in passarela and followed this same trend. Grife Triton despertou interest in Jonatas Faro, that showed of overalls the dresses, with prints of animals, without forgetting them maxi-prints. The collection mixture sophistication and tropicalismo. Strong prints of foliages and colors also are part of the line summer 2012 of the mark. The white, the red, the yellow, the beige, the caramel, the green and the blue one could be seen in passarela. The prominence in the shoulders also marked the parade, dresses with knocked down shoulders and leaked clippings were for there. Everything this, without losing serious air, marked well during the event.

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