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“Provider, for the” cool vendor “report are selected, are innovative, effective and intriguing Cortado workplace, in the report of imaging and print services” mentioned is, is a free cloud printing service. Users have the possibility of laptop and PC as well as mobile devices such as BlackBerry, iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, on any printer to print, which is located in the corresponding Wi-Fi network or Bluetooth can be selected. Cortado workplace offers online services and desktop functionality, such as remote-directory and file management, and includes a 1 GB large, free online storage. For more information, workplace. Gartner report imaging and print services”stresses that printing technology cloud providers should consider printing services to reinvigorate the ailing market-new. Read more here: Carrie Fisher. Also mobile and branch office employees would have to recognize the importance of cloud print services as a means, to provide print-outs when and where always they are needed.” Cortado corporate server, so the enterprise mobility report, support organizations is to enable a mobile, enhanced, real-time collaboration for your mobile workforce.

Thanks to Cortados virtual-desktop-processes technology desktop processes would transfer to Smartphone devices. Organizations could provide so mobile users with common desktop functionality, such as printing and data access. In addition supported virtual desktop processes company is to integrate smartphones into the respective, existing IT infrastructure. Further corporate information at. We meet with the mention in the two Gartner cool vendor reports in our commitment strengthened, increasing the performance of companies with mobile business software,”as Carsten Mickeleit, Chairman of the Board of the ThinPrint AG. Cortado workplace and Cortado corporate server deliver cloud printing and mobile desktop features, the not only the actions of sustainable printing technology providers “influence, but also the way that mobile employees do their work.” This press release is available online and is available for download: press.

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