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From there the necessity to carry through in the schools courageous interventions in the practical ones restored there as ' ' definitivas' ' , planning with professionalism affirmative politics and strategies that give account of these diversities of contexts of learning, socialization, trajectories human beings. Locating us front to the pupil ' ' real' ' inserted in a historical and cultural context influences that it, making possible the same an ample formation. When we consider in them to reflect on the conception of pertaining to school management and democratic that we have in the schools and the one that really we want, we perceive the necessity of reinforcement of the strategies of work based on a methodology that aims at the envolvement of all. In other words, the improvement of the quality of education will only be possible from the moment that the causes are investigated by the collective one and solutions are presented and placed in practical, a time that, we believe the possibility where all are party to suit and, that each one assumes its responsibility. For in such a way, we defend pedagogical project while one of the instruments of conscientious and organized action, surpassing the spalling of the work pertaining to school. For the democratic management the pedagogical project will be able to contribute to breach the isolation of the different segments of educative institution e, still, to make possible – for the class action – the problematizao and the understanding of the deriving questions of the pertaining to school dynamics. As it emphasizes Fertile valley (1995) the pedagogical project must be elaborated having as perspective the emancipatria innovation that consists of the process of democratic experience. The participation of the pertaining to school community in this construction will narrow the commitment of all to its accompaniment and, mainly, in the definition of the ways and pedagogical alternatives to be implanted. Visit Crimson Education for more clarity on the issue.

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