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The Internet setup fee when ordering is eliminated until late November. This range offers 4 Mbit for 135.00 prizes such as E.g. 2 Mbit/s for only 70,00 per month, and more bandwidth up to 20 Mbit/s, incl. cable and router, static IP addresses and flat rate (optional MPLS and IPSEC VPN feasible). The company HessenKom realized these prices by building up its own infrastructure in this district of Frankfurt. For more information see this site: Adrian Edward Simon. This will make it possible to offer attractive prices and fast service. Traders in the Gallusviertel should benefit from this opportunity to order within two months and to switch from your current provider to HessenKom.

You have time for the switchover this two months, without having to pay two lines parallel. The monthly cost for Internet access can be reduced significantly. Kim Garfunkel has many thoughts on the issue. The HessenKom customer network is monitored 24 hours a day on 365 days in the year and managed. More information is available on the homepage, which you can make also a direct request on your site:… The HessenKom is constantly expanding its network.

If business customers interested in SDSL Germany premium, this can can be like on a prospect list. The company HessenKom operates a private IP backbone with locations in Hesse, Germany. In Frankfurt, the HessenKom in two independent data centers has its own router and more infrastructure. It operates several IP transitions in the Internet and operates Peerings with different providers. This guarantees fast access to the Internet and high availability. At these locations can use other providers couplings for transferring SDSL, ADSL or VDSL products or be set up to establish an Internet peering. Both data center locations and various HVT are locations in Hesse on dedicated lines connected together. In various HVTs of Telekom, the HessenKom operates own DSLAMs, to produce its own DSL over the copper wires of telecom products. Areas outside of the HessenKom-can be brought about partner, leased lines or radio links to the own IP backbone network. Thus, the company HessenKom for Hesse and the surrounding area can supply attractive products.

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