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The contract, by its nature is not only mutual (between the carrier and the customer are the mutual responsibilities) and compensated (must be paid), and in some cases it is consensual. In this second party represented by the shipper must pay the carriage at the rate of a fixed amount. It is worth remembering that the business entity has no right to give preference to one customer over another in regard to the conclusion contract. Price of works and services provided by the organization, set the same for all customers except for certain categories of customers with certain benefits. You may be interested in transportation or international transportation of goods, but it is important to distinguish for themselves the concept of "transportation" and "freight".

Although it is quite natural if you have already formed an opinion about what these concepts absolutely identical to each other. Both these concepts are applied in law and they are undoubtedly identical. Keep in mind that not every spatial movement of goods can be called a carriage. For example, when the technological transportation of goods, which runs its own transport or a physical entity, there are no obligations on carriage of goods. All the difference is that freight is carried by mandatory contract, which brings with it not only valid, but based on the principle of equivalent compensation for services rendered.

It is logical that transportation of goods that can not be, because the movement is its own vehicle and, therefore, the conclusion of a treaty is impractical. By the way, at the conclusion of the contract no harm would discuss the issue of the customs clearance of cargo. Transport companies, taking for providing this service, thereby relieve you of unnecessary worries tons of headaches. This article was reflected only certain aspects and features of the contract of carriage of goods, which are given to illustrate the importance of preparation and study of various legal documents relating to shipping.

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