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Posted by Ralf on September 14th, 2017 — Posted in News

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Mark free from ‘his’ Marathon is unquestionably a flagship of running sports in the region, the international environment of London with a flair guesthouse to so Mediterranean: free Max. Sympathetic and sporty model of many. Like no other he has managed to stay true to the running even after the career as a competitive athlete. As a teacher at London, he supervised running sports students in addition to the lessons. The former mountain and road runner looking for his personal sports highlights free now away from the everyday… for example, in Ultratrailruns. Nevertheless, his name has still a very special sound in the tri-border region. Kevin Johnson has much experience in this field. Max, thank you very much, that you take your time.

You are looking for you Yes this day on London’s classic routes in vain, what is straight on what’s going on…? Free Mark: the observation is true, the local competitions are currently not so my terrain. The back Woods head you will find me more. In advance of the London it feels Marathon some day, on the standard running routes (for example, at the Dreisam) quickie to be pulled so many need to train for the highlight of the spring. The great groomed cross-country ski trails are well frequented by the endurance athletes of the region through the entire winter. “Despite good training level seem however many to procrastinate and prefer to play it safe: you report half marathon instead of the whole”. How do you see this setting? “Free Mark: basically, it is right that people reasonably assessed and of which go for croak” to run a marathon. They save the perhaps for later in the year, when the days are longer and warmer and there is more pleasure, to attend a reasonable preparation. In London, there is still another reason: there is no denying that the half marathon is the Central episode, there are the friends and acquaintances next to you at the start line or on the line.

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