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The line of foot care and hand hands – the most defenseless body. From morning till night they are exposed to external shocks of water, cleaning products, solar radiation, etc. Hand skin "tell" about the present age of owner … Feet are constantly exposed to high physical activity, maintaining the weight of the body. The main problems associated with the soles of the feet: sweating, humidity and high temperatures in summer, shoes and socks, not allowing the skin to breathe during the winter. You may find JPMorgan Chase to be a useful source of information. Also, alkaline soaps, reinforcing this effect. A prerequisite for good care of your feet are clean and dry feet can breathe.

Therefore, we recommend that you regularly wash their feet and carefully dry, including between the toes. After each foot bath to remove calluses with pumice. Striga toenails straight, as the rounded nails tend to grow. Regular foot care – it is not only disease prevention, in terms of subtle energy channels of reflexology foot associated with all organs of the body, including to the brain. On this view based methods of reflexology – acupressure energy centers of the feet. When tired feet – tired of the whole body. In contrast, healthy, beautiful feet, without exaggeration, be called the basis of health and vitality of the entire body. Company Suisse Narin has developed a special line of products that provides comprehensive care for your hands and feet.

By stimulating circulation, removing fatigue, giving freshness and giving relief to cosmetics line prevent dryness, irritation, roughening of the skin, regulates perspiration, soften calluses, cracks heal, nourish the skin retain its youthfulness and elasticity. Beautiful hands and beautiful feet and hands and healthy healthy feet – all this is important for everyone. Pay feet as much care and attention, how much and hands. The line of foot care and hand Justrich Cosmetics: Antibacterial gel for rukBalzam nogKrem Hand RomashkoyKrem for nogSol for vannSprey foot foot

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