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Serious issue that confronts the people employed in the construction of a new household – is a matter of heating. Nowadays there are so many types of fuel, which often turns into the choice for the hosts in problem. Which way of heating you choose? What is the most economical? Which solution is preferable to take – to connect the house to the gas main pipe or put a stand-alone boiler running on solid or liquid fuels? Today, there are quite a number of topliv6a, which are designed for stand-alone boiler (wood-burning boilers, waste oil), but more economical in operation working on pellets – wood pellets. What is pellets? We pellets are a good alternative to conventional fuels – diesel, wood and coal. The only competitor of heating with pellets, because of ease of use and its relative cheapness, is a gas. This type of fuel is a small cylindrical pieces which are actually waste wood treated in the workplace. Produced pellets residues from recycled hardwood and softwood – sawdust, wood chips, bark, without using any chemical additives, which ensures high ecological type of fuel. Pellet boilers are one of the most efficient boilers for autonomous operation, but not at cost of fuel.

For example, the gas is much cheaper in the pellets, however, given the price of, connection and development of the gas project, in this respect, win pellletnye burner. The costs of buying or working off the burner on a gas boiler and connect the main line several times the installation of the boiler, operating on raw wood. But to call an inexpensive fuel pellets can not. At cost, this type of fuel is, though quite harmless, but very expensive, exceeding the same gas at a cost of 2-3. End users are pellets packed in bags weighing 25-50 kg. Some customers prefer to buy a fuel in plastic bags 1×1 meter, called the big runs.

If the pellets are usually stored in special bunkers, the Bag gives ability to opt out of the hopper, so as to supply fuel screw is inserted directly into the bag. For those who use the boiler operating at the pellets, can take off a lot of money, there is a way to to save on this type of heating system – buy pellet burners, if your house and grounds have a solid fuel boiler. Today heating with pellets is very popular in some foreign countries (Such as Sweden, Austria, Denmark), both in production and in domestic terms. Delivery of pellets as it is carried out with big bags, as well as in crisp form of specialized machines, but in our country, and he and the other methods have not yet taken root. . This type of fuel is not widely used in Russia and remains little known to most of the countrymen. Within a few years, thanks to a good advertising campaign and a clear advantages of wood pellets, wood fuel this would take its place among such traditional fuels like firewood, gas, coal or working out.

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