Correct Running – So You Avoid Problems When Running!

Posted by Ralf on December 18th, 2017 — Posted in News

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Real is not so difficult! Anyone run you may think. But as any other sport, real running will be learned. You can of course just start walk how you instinctively learned it as a child. However, due to lack of sufficient movement and exercise, it can happen that you ruined the joints, if it makes too big steps, or deals not with the running technique at all. The posture while running before they ever runs, one should be first of all thoughts about the entire posture. It would be presumptuous to say what is right or wrong, as every human being also the anatomy of every single one of us in some areas is unique.

But a certain attitude, like the lift of the Chin, the bending of the arms to not more than 90 degrees and take into account the own stride length as a function of body size and proportions. Of course you have something like a natural walking position”, which we have learned from childhood. Unfortunately unlearn”we these but in everyday work, watching TV on the sofa and lack of movement as a whole, again. The first big mistake many beginners make is to overdo the stride length. By the same author: Jonas Samuelson. On the one hand to increase the speed, with an increased stride length what happens but at the expense of increased power costs and also unnecessarily strained joints.

So, what is the optimal stride length? Because every person has an individual stride-length depending on body size and proportions of the legs, the question is not easily answered. It would be wrong to say that at 1.70 meters height, optimal stride length is 1.20 meters, neither there is a formula to calculate. But generally, it can be said that one should stretch the front leg only as far as the light run, that puts the foot just before the own focus on. Who stretches his steps so that a supernatural stride length is created, will quickly realize that even after a fatigue of the leg muscles employ a short distance. Choose the step length too short, it saves energy while, slows overall inseam lower for every inch but”run. Here is the own balance between force and speed. Next look the step frequency, say at what speed, move the legs. For this one the stride rate per minute, how often a foot per minute on the ground puts on, the result is. Also here is the personal dimension, but a value of 120 for beginners, or slow period runs is considered as a rough guide here up to a pace of 180 or more, which will reach only professional sprinter. Even the running style that differs is how to put up with the foot should be take into account. In particular while jogging for beginners you should inform himself well, before you get started!

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