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The great civilizations of the history of the humanity have constructed, each to their way, different forms to conceive the world, a cosmovisin, that in many cases, great amount of points had common, still between towns that never had seen themselves, or separated in history per millenia of difference. One of these coincidences, a wire that can be extracted of the comparison of different cultures is the existence of some form of divination, the attempt to create a channel between the men and the message of the destiny. And the Mayans were exentos of this. The Mayans were excellent mathematical astronomers and, condition sine qua non to become great astrologers. The astrology, exactly, is based on complex mathematical calculations, that try to grant a meaning to the relative position of stars of the sky, and to establish a relation between these and the destiny of the person.

Sometimes we will have heard say that the destiny is written in stars. For Mayan, this it was completely certain, because the sun leaves each tomorrow. The Mayan calendar was a calendar solar, that is to say, based on the relative position of the sun in the firmament. He was highly complex, and three calendars took ahead simultaneously. The calendar seemed to the Gregorian one, that we conserved to the present time, was the Civil calendar more, of 365 days. Then, this town registered a Sacred calendar, of 260 days, and the long account, or a form to measure the time in reference to terrestrial history. For the Mayans, the time fulfills cycles, cycles that are repeated. All we will have listened that 2012 seem to be a special year for the history of the world.

The reason of this is that in the long account of the Mayans, 2012 it seems to mark the end of a great cycle. They have interpreted some it like the end of the world, nevertheless, reading with rigor documents lazy by the Mayans, would be the aim of a great world-wide cycle, that would predict great changes. Horscopo Mayan is made up of thirteen signs. Each sign lasted 28 days, that is to say, just like one lunation. One is the Bat, Scorpion, the Deer, the Lechuza, the Peacock, the Lizard, the Monkey, the Hawk, the Jaguar, the Dog, the Serpent, the Hare and the Turtle. Entering Tarot Friend, it will be possible to entirely find a section dedicated to horscopo Mayan. He is advisable to know it, because to this it surprises us culture every day with his rich culture, and his philosophical position before the life and the events the world.

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