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Quality management in the health care industry: beauty, says of the vernacular, is in the eye of the beholder. Learn more on the subject from raphael sternberg. This is similar in quality. The customer and therefore the market decides what means quality. Therefore, for example, customer satisfaction is EN ISO as a key success factor in the quality management according to DIN 9001:2008. Who become certified will position itself as a quality provider, what Swen of gray just in the health care industry is important. The market was relatively opaque.

Customers want a certain security and orientation. With a seal I can give a promise of quality”, says the Managing Director of INTEGION GmbH. More and more providers with many ideas, new services and products abound on the relatively new health care market. For the customer, it is increasingly difficult to get a clear view here, or to keep track. Last but not least, because there are hardly protected terms.

About any fitness trainer or health coach can call itself. No matter what experiences or training he has or what quality he defines. Just as in the reverse case: a dentist doctor is still no guarantee for the quality of his work. With a certificate, a kind of seal of approval, the market can sort. The customers can focus. This creates a certain confidence: in the functioning, the products and the service of the certified company. Customers often require even the evidence of a functioning quality management system for collaboration. INTEGION settled recently re certified under DIN EN ISO 9001:2008. The world-wide standard is one of the most famous and is a basis for certifiable quality management systems. Swen of grey holds DIN EN ISO 9001:2008 for the services industry best. So is the process model are guided by pronounced customer orientation of all staff and activities at the Center, as crucial for success is customer satisfaction. There are for example the EFQM model (European Foundation for quality) Management), a quality management system of total quality management. Quality management system in the store brings”under quality management means the totality of all management measures which should lead to the quality assurance, quality presentation and quality improvement when appropriate set of a quality policy. It brings”system in the shop, it summarizes Professor Dr. Klaus JAMin of the IQM E.v. Institute. Who is introducing a quality management system, benefits from a systematic planning and implementation. The activities and responsibilities of staff are clearly delineated and defined. Everyone knows what he has to do”, complemented the auditor and an expert in quality management. Because all employees are actively involved, increase their quality awareness, motivation and identification with the company. “How important the thinking with” each individual is, you see according to JAMin on the current economic crisis. Had the management and the employees of which banks would be always thinking, probably not so far. Ever be quality management during the boom years”criminally been neglected now but greatly increasing the demand. Companies will see that they can improve their market position and the corporate image thus. Another advantage is the improvement in efficiency, since all internal processes to optimize and to monitor. Or the increased quality capability, resulting from the implementation of a continuous improvement process. For a quality provider this extra loop is simply”, sums up Swen of grey. As a certified quality management show that it talks not only about quality, but also implements quality.

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