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” I was just crushed by what is happening. ” Oprah Winfrey, 56, tv presenter “As a child, no one cared about me, and I had not realized this – Oprah confessed. – I was once asked to sit with the baby, then that I realized that children, I do not intend to start. ” Almost a quarter century, Oprah shares the shelter with Steadman Graham, also without the formalization of relations. In an interview, she emphasizes that “students from schools for girls in South Africa have become her daughters.” “Yes, I am not to focus on children and motherhood, but who knew that life will give me 153 daughter. Renee Zellweger, 40 years (‘Bridget Jones’) “Motherhood – it’s slavery, only voluntary – says Rene. – Sometimes I sit with plemyashkami, but this role is good because I can always pass these rakes back to parents. Here take my brother – the argument continues actress – he is even in the shower may not go quietly. ” Rene is categorical: the birth of children, and puts an end to women’s freedom, and the career. Cameron Diaz, 37 years old (“Knight and Day ‘)” I am young, and I know how to get enjoyment of life. And frankly, it’s because I have no children. And I’m sure that women prefer to hide their unwillingness to acquire offspring in order to avoid ridicule and bullying. Cameron says that a positive attitude towards children and may even with the kids girlfriends. But do not forget to say: “Why baby? And so overpopulation on the planet! “Mylene Farmer, 48, singer” Jeff Dahlgren, whom we met, is betrayed memories diva – dreamed that we got offspring. More exactly, fixated on this idea. Only I did not need it. I have myself beloved daughter! “Mylene Farmer always waved to family matters,” I have enough monkeys, to believe, but I’m not sad that I’m not a mother – says journalists Jacqueline – I am happy that it lived a life as I dreamed. ” In Jacqueline Bisset had numerous love affairs with the first men in Hollywood, but she and did not marry for anyone. “I am – happy – repeat Bisset. Joan Baez addresses the importance of the matter here. – And the children I was rather watch grow and develop goddaughter – Angelina Jolly.

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