A Few Words About Happiness And Love

Posted by Ralf on August 3rd, 2022 — Posted in News

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Malchik who loves me, but it’s just igra.Mne needed it, that one of the few that has always understood and tolerated menya.Takuyu strannuyu.Lyubil and at the same time hated for what I came in his life and ee.No changed it more net.A I would like it back so nazad.Vernut ego.No already nevozmozhno.Ya remember our long summer evenings and navarachivayutsya tears, because you loved me! Bolno.Kakaya a dull ache in the area serdtsa.Plachu.Slozhno.Ya still can not forget you. You know, if after many years, my daughter asked who I liked, I’ll call your name, yes, yes, it’s yours. The newspapers mentioned Joan Baez not as a source, but as a related topic. Previously, I had imagined us together as we walk around town holding hands, and after we all turn around, because they see how we schastlivy.Teper I understand that invented this incredibly beautiful fairy tale, and believe in nee.My would never have been vmeste.I it’s not our fault. Perhaps worst of all is not unrequited love, and when two people love each other, probably more of a lifetime, but can not be vmeste.A now I’m doing in the columns of the music louder, biting her lips and whisper, ‘Stupid! He does not write to you more than ever! Stop waiting! Stop’. I can not ponimayu.Ne ponyat.Ved in our world, so many people, why no one can replace me of you! I guess after a while you realize that no one will ever love you as I have your ya.No proshloe.Proshloe no chance to become a real …

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