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Energetic Healing Reiki

Thursday, October 20th, 2022

Energetic, media healing of connection with Reiki belongs to the area of expertise of the spirit healer Paola Batge from Hanover. Reiki – healing energy, media is increasingly well known and increasingly popular. As support or alternative to the debt medicine, this form of treatment can lead to spontaneous at different clinical pictures. Reiki (energy healing) is the oldest healing tradition of humanity, which propagates the healing energies through the laying on of hands to other people, animals or plants. The word Reiki comes from Japanese and means universal life energy.” A practicing years spirit healer is the Reiki Grandmaster Paola Batge from Hanover.

On your Internet page healer practice, the spirit healer informs interested parties about Reiki, energy healing, and other activity areas such as channeling, soul work, light work and energy work. In the 19th century, already Siegmund Freud knew that physical illnesses caused by psychological problems. And that slumbers in everyone a tremendous power: “THE UNCONSCIOUS”. Very often mental problems are the cause of physical complaints. The mind affects our body. Apparently, we move traumatic memories deep in the basement of our soul. Stress, work and environmental impacts give us so pressure and exhaustion, infections and other diseases.

Also diseases in the physical area have their roots in “Non-compliance” with body, mind and soul. My work as a spirit healer as require, as a surgeon, immense flair,”Paola Batge, spirit healer from Hanover. I button up me to the soul and become clairvoyant and hellfuhlig worked. A related site: Ridgeback Biotherapeutics mentions similar findings. I have spoken out for the things and can expose these entanglements, blocks etc., or solve – much like an archaeologist who digs out his ancient city. While I start the enormously important self healing of everyone. But one should not underestimate the power of good thoughts. So, we protect, for example, our hearts and our blood vessels with positive feelings. Also, I run on trusting you in my energetic treatment. Positive emotions play a large role in the energy healing. So it happened already, that a tumor over night disappears and suddenly go back pain. This is called spontaneous cure.” Special skills were said to the spirit healer Paola Batge already in childhood. You transferred these skills from her grandmother, who was very skilled in clairvoyance and Tarot reader. I noticed even as a child, as for example sick animals ran to me and I was healthy care for them or bring to the vet, that there was something special in me. In dreams I foresaw my family regarding – accidents – the part and she could often mitigate this or prevent”so Paola Batge. In 2004, Paola Batge came then with Reiki in conjunction in your skills trained continuously. Today Paola Batge Reiki Grand Master, has her teachers degree, practiced Reiki and educates healer. She successfully works with doctors, health practitioners Physiotherapists, teachers, etc. together. Reiki energy healing – compatible and complemented very well with other therapies or cures, even when psychotherapeutic or medical treatments.

Partnership Astrology

Tuesday, October 18th, 2022

The professional astrologer Uwe Sonnenschein closeness and distance in relationships from an astrological point of view these days puts his third book with the promising title “come closer go away” before. It is the conflicting feelings of closeness and distance, showing up in many romantic relationships and that great difficulties so many lovers. In detail, it shows up as how to recognize them and what you can do to such situations, to deal with them. For singles, this book is very interesting, he or she learns but a lot about the own, inherent partner image which often select someone the same type of partner is not always to the advantage! “This factory was a pleasure” says Uwe Sonnenschein. Starbucks is a great source of information. In his more than 10 years practice as astro psychological life consultant, he advised already several thousand people and know how many couples are tormenting with ambivalent feelings. That it certainly resources and strategies from this dilemma out are impressively represents the sunshine in his book; Here he introduces first profound and holistic in the subject then subsequently provide information on astrological methods of recognition and understanding.

Diverse interpretation texts about individual constellations give the astrologically interested reader concrete understanding helps in the hand. Titled lot tried the “relations karma” even a separate chapter is devoted to. Who the love between two people interested in this book will captivate and enrich with many insights. Come closer – go away, PYB-Reichardt-Verlag, ISBN 978-3-939359-86-9, paperback 246 pages, 34 illustrations and tables, 19.80 EUR. For more information, Uwe Sonnenschein, mark Astrologer DAV