Vision Goals

Posted by Ralf on May 29th, 2015 — Posted in News


We are so customary to listen that we must obtain a vision and determine goals for our personal life, for our business, company, work in equipment, our hobby or even deports. I want today it to defy to consider goals in an area that is of extreme importance, but always is to the forgetfulness at the time of planning and determining goals: its familiar project. Perhaps you will say: " Why? , my family is well! " Perhaps already one gets tired with the pure idea to have to develop a project more. For more information see Ben Horowitz. Total, in the familiar life, way when walking becomes! It really thinks that its familiar life is so perfect that it cannot improve? And, at the end of its days, are not they those that they are going to be to his side? He will not want to know then with certainty that you did the best thing than could for each of them, beyond the material provision? Strangely, even in homes established, the familiar project is a unknown term. For that reason it is so important to establish a vision for the family. Our lives can be so busy, especially when we have small children in house.

Without giving us account, we can pass all the life occupied running from a place to another one. The problem is that, with as much activity, we can lose the course and we began to live the day to day, extinguishing fires as they happen, without having a course clearly. The time happens, the children grow, its work continues absorbing long time, until a day account occurs of which they will leave the home and it never made with them all the things that had seted out to do like father. A vision for the family can help him to determine goals real, to define what the family really wishes in the life and to unite it to walk in a pre-established direction.

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