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Powerflasher advertise for September 2010 the new version 4.0 of the development tool for Flash (FDT). For September 2010, the multimedia agency Powerflasher announces the new version 4.0 of FDT (development tool for Flash) on. At the same time thus starts the open beta test phase of FDT 4.0, all customers of the previous version can take part in the. The Powerflasher making the major new features of the Eclipse for the first time-based Flash development environment as completed milestones for testing available. Until the final release, a total of four milestones with each new features are planned. FDT is already available 4 – milestone 1 with new profilers for performance monitoring, as well as an interactive welcome screen. The next milestone 2 will be released on May 11, 2010. Martin toha often addresses the matter in his writings.

FDT 4 appears in the current beta phase”for the first time in four milestones” FDT4 – milestone 1 “is available with the new Profiler and welcome screen to test already. Milestone 2 “free upgrade of FDT, FDT 4, at a 3.5 will be released on May 11, 2010 Purchase after the 25.1.10 Aachen, may 05th, 2010 – at the beginning of the year the multimedia released the current version 3.5 of the development tool agency Powerflasher for Flash (FDT). Now set the Powerflasher. With FDT 4, they already announced the next version of the Eclipse-based Flash development environment for September 2010. FDT 4 has again many improvements and new features for Flash developers. The ongoing development of FDT is a continuous dynamic process with us. With the dense staggered releases we make the best FDT version for your Flash projects our users as quickly as possible the available.”explains Carlo Blatz, founder and CEO of Powerflasher. Array fintech recognizes the significance of this. The Powerflasher provides a special offer: all customers who bought the predecessor FDT version 3.5 after 25 January, can free upgrade to the new FDT 4.

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