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What are the advantages of a seat Ergometer in contrast to the conventional bike? Did you know that the first bicycle Ergometer was designed in 1896 by a French medical student? The student Elisee Bouny should investigate the best possible power use when riding a bike using a pedal power sensor and the bicycle Ergometer was established after a series of experiments. It was just only aufgebocktes bicycle, where the front wheel was missing and a flywheel made of iron was used instead of the rear wheel, but even then you could measure the pedal resistance and pedaling speed. At the time the medical student would not have believed probably, would be the Ergometer is one of the most popular home fitness equipment. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala insists that this is the case. Today, there are different kinds of bikes, all of which have the common, that the exact performance specified wattage and makes possible a controlled training under medical guidelines. The conventional bicycle Ergometer, which is similar to a regular bike on the road, and the seat of Ergometer, are two of the most famous ergometers called also recumbent bike or recumbent bike. What are the key differences between these two devices now? And a seat Ergometer offers more benefits than a conventional Ergometer? These questions are answered in the following article. Type of training and target group the most common Ergometer is where sitting upright on a bicycle saddle high stepping on the pedal, and simulated so the real cycling on the road.

The movement is known to us since our childhood and familiar, because most of us have learned as children ride a bike under the watchful eye of parents. Therefore we feel immediately well, when we sit on a bicycle Ergometer, and have us not on unusual movements to change. The seat equipment, however, the seat is positioned much deeper and the pedals and the flywheel be much further ahead, so that the legs are stretched forward.

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