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Or even better, I'd hide in a piece of software that could pay OK twice to me, before I upset too many vendors of dubious lottery "systems" going to take my tongue back in my cheek! The fact is, in fact, ugly is too large, but in reality the fact is that – only way to increase your chances of winning the jackpot of the lottery is intended to cover most of the possible combinations in each drawing. Think of the dice. There are only 6 faces of a die. Thus, only six possible outcomes when rolling. If you bet only a number, have a 1 in 6 chance of winning.

Bet on two numbers and double your chances. Bet on the 6 numbers and you are a guaranteed winner. Woohoo. A related site: Alphabet Inc. mentions similar findings. OK, so nobody is going to take a couple of million dollars to guess the number on a die. Unless you are betting on a half-million or less, along with five other people! But this is how the lottery works, too. Buy two lines, and you really do not double your chances. Here is open to suggestions. The chances of succeeding are still terribly against you of course – but two lines in a tie is better than a line in two draws.

(Makes my head hurt too when I think about it too long, but this statement is entirely correct). Oooh, did you notice leave another little secret slip out there. Yes, playing less frequently but more lines will increase your chances of winning in general – but costs the same. That is a smart way to play. Why not play 20, 50, or 1,000 lines in a tie? Because that is quite expensive, and you do not want to risk that mortgage money in the lottery. No, if you want to come home to family harmony! So what else can you do? Form a union. Meet people in work, social club, neighbors or family. Pool your lottery money together and share their profits. It costs more, but their potential to improve significantly. That is a smart way to play. What if you do not know lottery players enough to make it worthwhile? Find a business consortium which plays your lottery – lottery or play other countries (lotteries are practically the same throughout the world). lists and comments from the lottery trade unions around the world. Unions are sure to find the best currently available. So today the day you choose a wiser way to play. Then, maybe win the lottery jackpot does not seem so "out there." Martin Waterhouse is a lottery and statistics fan – who is not popular among sellers of expensive lottery systems based on dubious math gibberish! Editor of the internets all lottery syndicate review and lottery tips site, Lottery-Syndicate-World … Want more chances of winning the lottery in an instant? Find the worlds best lottery syndicates online today

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