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Information for clear and accessible Web design. A Web page should be as open and barrier-free. Advantages are clearly obvious. For more information see view website. More satisfied users, because physically impaired people can use the site and more customers, because also the usability goes. Equal opportunities and equal treatment be questioned soon, if ever, access to certain information is denied people, for whatever reason.

You can therefore not participate in certain social processes. The issue of accessibility begins exactly at this point. (Source: Electrolux). “” The concept of accessibility is far too quickly with disabled “or disabled” compared, but this usually is not sufficient. It applies in addition to physical impairments to overcome more barriers, which are not always at the first glance. See accessibility on the Web (Web accessibility) refers to the unrestricted use of Internet offerings, regardless of physical or technical Conditions.

Quickly, this term is confused with usability or user experience. This is because they are mentioned in the same context. However it is clear boundaries to define. The difference between the two is that accessibility serves the purpose to attract a large audience. However, usability says, to make the user experience and customer satisfaction in the Center within this target group. Both optimize the benefits for the visitors. But anyone who receives access to the Web site and the related information, which has no benefit also from the rest of the system. The degree of usability increases with the satisfaction of the visitor or potential customer. If now a user comfortable feel that is effortlessly find their way, content is well structured and fast loading times prevail, then this site has a good usability. Usability is also in the suitability of the user on the Web (usability). His is a visitor reaching Direction points supported, he is satisfied and will certainly continue to use the website of the provider. This for example helper functions, verschiedeneNavigationsmoglichkeiten or various sort options can it support. Customer acquisition and customer loyalty are steadily growing claim behavior of the visitor to the site of particular importance due to high competition in this industry, as well as a. Each Web site operators should feel obliged in this regard, is the subject of usability as well as accessibility within its homepage to deal with as possible to optimize them. The company offers barrier-free Web design for Berlin Sascha Franke

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