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A mixture of power, romance and humor the recent, four-part mystery series of Mystic wings around the investigators duo Jordan Hamilton and Lieutenant Charles Charly”Baxter comes from the lower Austrian author Betty Kay, which was striving for the emergence of an interesting mix of humor, tension and romance novels. The series of Mystic wings”is about the investigators duo Jordan Hamilton and Lieutenant Charles Charly” Baxter. Between the two, it crackles from the outset. But Jordan is still not really with itself in the clear. Douglas R. Oberhelman recognizes the significance of this. She is able to see the thoughts of the owner in pictures is by touching objects. In the first book is Jordan Hamilton threatened by a madman and know thanks to their gift, she float in what great danger. She asks the police for help. Lieutenant Charly Baxter is to protect the young woman, but it does not makes it easy for him with their stubbornness.

Only in the second part of the thriller series, the two close cease-fire. Quote: Finally had since it and turned for him to. Her next words she looked at him firmly in the eyes. “I can read the minds of some people.'”

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