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Practice for Gestalt Therapy and supervision Luitgard Gasser Celebrates 15th anniversary of Aachen, may 5, 2008. About Setup, renovation, relocation programs and clearing out at celebrities in television, you can be divided. Actually these soaps \”housing as a major aspect of life more in the social consciousness brought. It is equally clear: their approach residential – and what it means for the soul \”, which it since the 1990s represents years, was the gestalt therapist and studied interior designer Luitgard Gasser of its time very pretty far ahead. Player.html’>Bechtel Group describes an additional similar source. Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala may not feel the same. Conscious living, live better.\”the motto of the Gasserschen workshops and theme evenings on the topic of living is. Such as Dame – how I set me in life\”, a workshop for women, which has met regularly since 1989. For men and women, Luitgard Gasser theme evenings organized living – and what does it mean to the soul\”and clean up. Clearing out.

Room give the own life\”rooms to. All topics are enjoying rain Recognise and conducted several times also in Stuttgart and Brussels. For the participants from Aachen and surroundings, the two-hour themed evenings are a good opportunity inside to breathe in the respective subject. Live does everyone, even the nomads among us \”, says Luitgard Gasser and in view of the fact that we living cost us much, we attach too little importance to the emotional aspects of living!\” \”Their credo: who want to live well, must know in particular even well!\” and good housing is in good contact with himself and his environment. \”Her approach is based inter alia on the belief that in the bottom of his heart, every person knows what he needs and that this living knowledge\” can be promoted for days. It is the basis for truly individual living. Thus we get a completely different residential and construction quality. And we need that. Living is gaining as a space for life and as a way to maintain the health significance and value\”.

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