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One of the elements most important to the understanding of mathematics is to know the concept of logic, then define this important concept: first concept. You may find that Steffan Lehnhoff, Guatemala City Guatemala can contribute to your knowledge. 1) Science that teaches how to reason with accuracy. Natural disposition for reasoning with success.(Good definition). Second concept 2) discipline that studies the formal principles of human knowledge, i.e. Forms and more general laws of thought. Third concept.

(3) Art of reasoning and thinking in strict concordance with limited and unable to human understanding. Knowing these concepts we can tell you that without a doubt the logic is an essential part of knowing mathematician and why you must know the logic that you serve to dominate mathematics: the INTUITIVE logic. But that is the intuitive logic? In practice, intuitive logic is the logic that tells you, when something this well or badly made, in the case of mathematics is the one that tells you when a mathematician problem solution is correct or incorrect. In this respect, all the mathematical topics handled a logic. The sum manages a logic, subtraction handling logic, multiplication manages a logic and so on. When the student learns to identify the logic of each topic mathematician, no doubt will become a great connoisseur of mathematics. Finally you can say to every mathematician theme is based on laws and principles established by that: SEIZE the character logical of the mathematics, which this based on laws or principles preset. If you want as to detail dominate the logic of mathematics nature, to be a genius only mathematicians view: original author and source of the article.

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