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WEDA EUROTIER new No. 1: bar codes: ‘MIX – mobile information Xtraction’ cell phones and Smartphones are increasingly becoming a constant companion for farmers. Not without reason, because you can use more and more useful applications on the basis of the mobile Internet with these devices. The input and readability on the phone keyboard and the touchscreen should be but user friendly. This was the core idea in the development of the information system of MIX – mobile information Xtraction”inspiration. To implement this idea into action, the WEDA equips their plants Dammann & Westerkamp GmbH first agricultural company with the two-dimensional point codes.

The WEDA system uses the so-called QR codes as an information carrier and thus allows the user to a lightning-fast insight into relevant technical operations. The sign encrypt data on a black and white dot pattern. So is the operator, who uses his cell phone to scan and as reader, quickly on designations of spare parts, service and maintenance instructions, manuals or required settings. The technical requirements for the use of MIX – mobile information Xtraction”on the mobile phone are the now popular mobile options such as integrated camera for scanning and Internet Flatrate to process and read the information provided by the server. Modern mobile phones of Smartphone device category requirements already all, to read the QR code barcodes up to a comprehensive pre-installed QR-Readerapplikation for mobile.

These conditions are met, the application can start: download QR reader on your mobile phone, launch QR software, photograph the code – immediately get access to all the information. The readers are slim programs which allow fast and usually for free over the Internet on the respective mobile device install. Visit Lulu Simon for more clarity on the issue. WEDA customers receive all relevant documents in the written and digital form by the way upon request. The advantages of MIX – mobile information Xtraction at a glance: Quick information on your mobile phone Permanent access to service-related pages getting insight into technical operations immediate access to manuals, spare parts lists, technical changes always currently available knowledge in seconds always up to date free of charge worldwide around the clock can be used unlimited possibilities of communication and knowledge transfer complex technical devices are transparent

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