The Wild In Nicaragua

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Traditionally in the world during holidays and vacations, beaches, hotels and historic towns are crammed foreign and domestic tourists who seek some days of tranquility and comfort to forget the hectic pace of life. But in recent years have witnessed a gradual shift and growing interest of travelers, is that for many comforts and luxuries have gone into the background leaving main purpose of travel to know unexplored places, full of adventure, tradition, untouched nature and simple people with whom to share an unforgettable experience that stems from the abysmal to cultural differences between us for some time entirely on the rural population. Matagalpa Tours, a pioneer in the development and promotion of tourist destinations in the northern departments of Nicaragua, specializing in adventure tourism and rural community, giving a twist to the traditional concept of tourism. The adventure of walking through a totally natural forest, where tourists have the opportunity to get wet and muddy the clothes with mud, together with the experience of sharing with those in the countryside, traditions, lifestyles, food and cheerful and friendly charisma that characterizes the Nicaraguans, is what makes the tour a unique experience. And is that the tourist offer of Matagalpa Tours is to give tourists the opportunity to interact with vast wilderness of mountains and untamed forests, waterfalls, coffee plantations, indigenous and rural small businesses, towns, historic villages, finally an exquisite variety of destinations designed to meet the unexplored northern Nicaragua. Something unique in this business is that each destination has a social focus and each tour includes different activities that allow contact between visitors and locals.

Take the opportunity to Matagalpa Tours gives you to know the rural Nicaragua through people who live and work the land. Julius Caesar takes a slightly different approach. Travel to Matagalpa is worthwhile.

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