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Vanity and the rhythm of life in the big city forces are increasingly thinking about a comfortable life in their own home. Despite all the boring crisis people continue to live, and not just to live, and build and buy apartments, do repairs in These apartments and furnish their furniture. Yes, of course, the easiest thing to start with bare walls. Lest you picked up – a kitchen, living room furniture, wardrobe or a house for his beloved cats – quite clearly imagine what you want to call and make an order. In any case, filling the empty space might not be easy, but it is nice here most importantly – do not drown in a sea of proposals and not to create an eclectic conglomeration.

But here to help councils designer and common sense. Unfortunately not everyone can afford such a great opportunity, each time starting from scratch, furnished our own house. Most accounts do not renovated, it is not new curtains, and had already seen the kinds of sofas. The same applies to the very layout of the house or apartment – oh how would like to remove one of the walls or ceilings to make higher but starts counting of Finance and the grandiose projects have forget. But do not despair.

Generally, a variant of 'all change' is the most simple at first glance. After all, there will inevitably technical and psychological problems. To get used to old things, and, looking closer closely, sometimes you realize that 'they have completely nothing', 'hand does not rise', etc. In each issue there are several solutions. This rule applies to all areas of life, from the fateful situations to interior design. In order not to miss, to start make a plan of action and, above all, note that you most do not like in your apartment. Tackle approximate estimates of expenditure, it will allow you to immediately decide that you can replace any time soon, but with some things you need to get on and on. On this basis, it is necessary to decide which room to give more attention to include not only consumption replacement of furniture in this room, but at least some more or less repair, to freshen its appearance in line with future furniture. After all, the boots do not gloss navedesh! Your main task is to prevent the following – when the kitchen furniture already been ordered, and the repair is scheduled for the next five years – and this sometimes happens when the desires ahead of possibilities. Believe me, amid the peeling tiles and splodgy long fat Wallpaper Your brand new Beauty Area of the 'white swan' turn in 'ugly duckling'. And more if you live in a small apartment, it's not a reason for grief, but rather an occasion for reflection. If you think about it, even the houses have their rasprekrasnye deficiencies, even if match individual taste of its owners: that for some 'too closely', while for others it means 'very comfortable'. You are not able to alter the architectural layout of the apartment, but you can change it look, focus on one and obscure others. Space of a small apartment, using specific design techniques, can be done quite comfortable: the room when there is nothing superfluous, and all the furniture convenient and rational thought to the last detail, color interior is designed in bright, calm tones – tastefully furnished apartments, such as precious caskets – and beautiful, and cozy.

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