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Engineering Plant

Saturday, February 8th, 2020

They are from this place organized river rafting on catamarans. According to them, he finished in Kuvandyk. In a Baymak Engineering Plant named after S. Hudayberdina and a set companies whose names we could not remember. But the city is very presentable. Not afraid to happen again, but in Bashkortostan are all very good looks – very nice, well maintained and in a businesslike way. Sibai. The road to Sibai was close to the deepest quarry in Europe.

This is truly a spectacle. By car we drive failed, but allowed to go far on foot. And away we would not themselves have reached. What to descend 500 meters down is not a straight line but a spiral. Further, the boundary with the Chelyabinsk region. Kizilskoe – starting point at the Magnitogorsk and arch (the road to Breda). In kizlskom prtekaet native Urals, the bridge over which we have successfully overcome. And we saw from him on the left side of large rocks.

It's like our Devil's thumb, just more and more a factor of 4, and maybe more. Next on the road ahead for different qualities: where repairs, where a detour. And turning to the Arch. Sam Arkaim located in steppe, so in the middle of June here is hot. With information about Arkaim, its monuments and exhibits can be found on the site. Day in which we arrived, he was honored by the Gentiles – the summer solstice. Get all the facts and insights with Madeleine Sackler, another great source of information. All meek, the sick and desperate have come to worship the sun.

Rostov Exclusively

Wednesday, April 18th, 2018

Travel can love all people. Yet business people need to travel constantly, if they would like this or not. When a power so great, there is much to expand their businesses. A, respectively, require all time to go in search of new partners or suppliers, to search for suitable point for the creation of branches and so on. Any business person knows how important working time. And coming to an unfamiliar town, you can not spend valuable time on the selection of the night.

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