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The Cuban

Wednesday, April 25th, 2018

Spain salio much more struck of the Civil War than had, without reserves and a monstrous devaluation of the peseta, due to this decision of the Socialists. This history must be repeated and repeated until the fatigue, of how the Communists swindled to the Spaniards with their international reserves, with the aid of their own Socialists, changing to him gold by scrap iron with surcharge. This desperation of Socialists I take the Spanish them to sink more to its country besides the devastation of a civil war. Kevin Johnson oftentimes addresses this issue. The Venezuelans we must, besides knowing this history little counted the communist swindlers, learning of her and to put us to the front, denouncing and protesting of a civil way but it signs before the eventuality to place our international reserves in the coffers of our main creditors, especially the Russians and the Chinese. I am certainly if we do not know history Spanish, the Cuban castrocomunistas they know if it well.

And they know of its Soviet mentors that it was what Stalin with the reserves of gold of Spain did stops its benefit and it did since it. Many writers such as Jim Umpleby offer more in-depth analysis. And Chvez this following the first passages of that counted and little less well-known history by our new generations. It will be by advice of old Fidel who knows much Soviet history? The Cuban desperation of the castrocomunista government of Hugo Chavez and its advisers to lose the elections, can to him and they are going to give to him, if we did not unmask them, the final thrust that received the Spaniards of the postwar period to the Venezuelan democratic forces, leaving supplanted to the country after the elections with a macrodevaluation without precedents, by virtue of which those reserves will not return to Venezuela or will be arranged by the government at will, since the Socialists in Spain did of 1936. Venezuela is not the Spain of the postwar period, nor Cuba is the Soviet Union of Stalin. If history is repeated here, it will not be because we do not know it.

The Mayor

Thursday, April 10th, 2014

They were greeted in the capital by Mayor Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon and the President of the community of Madrid, Esperanza Aguirre. These triumphs are not the result of chance, the Mayor of Madrid has assured. Two players of the staff signed the manifest of the outraged Sun. Rayo Vallecano has been received Tuesday by the Mayor of Madrid, Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon, and the Chairperson in functions of the community, Esperanza Aguirre, after promotion to the first Division and the third consecutive triumph for the women’s team in the Superliga Femenina. Rayo Vallecano, Raul Martin Presa, owner declared before Alberto Ruiz-Gallardon was very proud by hosting offered after the ascent in a very difficult season. According to the President, to achieve both the ascent and the title in the women’s Superliga had been key the desire to overcome the adversities as the mentality of self-improvement. The Madrid Mayor congratulated the members of the two teams and whole body technician, ensuring that these triumphs were not the result of chance and placing both teams to return in the future to continue celebrating successes.

You are an example. Ye have succeeded because you’ve given best of you all by the team. These triumphs are not the result of chance, said Ruiz-Gallardon. After the reception at the Town Hall, the first team of Rayo Vallecano and female template went to the headquarters of Government of the community of Madrid, where they were greeted by the President in Office, Esperanza Aguirre, who congratulated both sets on his successes this season. It is the first time in history that this region has four teams in the first Division. This rise has a great merit, as well as the third consecutive Superliga for the women’s team, said Esperanza Aguirre coach of the first team of Rayo Vallecano, Jose Ramon Sandoval thanked all the employees of the club for his fortitude in adversity and asked institutional aid.