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Monday, July 20th, 2015

A good manager brings order and consistency to the work performed. The leader – inspires people and inspires enthusiasm in employees, giving them a vision of the future and helping them adapt to a new phase of change to pass. The head of the team assigned to the outside, senior management receives the appropriate authority, has the right to apply sanctions (both positive and negative). Leader nominated from among the people around him, in essence, equal (or at least close) on the status of his (her position), he seems to be “one of us.” However, the leader may also resort to sanctions against someone of the partners, but these sanctions are informal, the right to use them anywhere else is not officially registered. Here we should pay attention more and an interesting point.

How would any man seeking to become the leader (and this is a dream for many people), he never nestanet them if others are not perceive him as a leader. But in the leadership situation is quite different. Manager often appointed to his post regardless of his subordinates perceive this role relevant or not. In short, leadership, management is a social phenomenon in its essence, and leadership – the psychological. And in This – the main difference between them, while at the same time, there is also much in common.

First of all, and leadership, and leadership are the means of coordination, organization of members of social groups, the means to manage them. Only one of these phenomena is “working”, as already mentioned, in the formal and official relations, and another – a system of relations between informal and unofficial. Second, both the phenomenon of implementing the processes of social influence in the group (team). But in one case (manual) – this effect is direct, mainly through official channels, while the other (lead) – unofficial. Third, both phenomena inherent in the known time subordination relations. And in the manual it appears quite clearly and fixed job descriptions, and in the leadership of its presence is much less noticeable and certainly not pre-cut. And not by accident so that often the leadership is able to move into management, but a leader becomes a leader, etc. Examples of such transformations in the past and present in abundance. In our time a good leader organization – a man who is both leader and effectively manage their subordinates. Thus, we must once again say that the difference between the concept of leadership from the manager is large enough. Manager, as a rule, always a leader. The leader is not required to be a manager. Leadership occurs in both formal relations, and not in formal, which is not the management.