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System Trades

Saturday, June 15th, 2019

This actually happens very often. If we trade a system with a low percentage of winning trades then, sooner or later, it is tempting to begin to miss some of the deals. Suppose we trade a system that gives only 30% of profitable trades. Starting to miss the deal, initially, we will be "rewarded" for our violations discipline. For some time we will benefit from the passage of losing trades, so long as we inevitably will not miss a very lucrative deal.

Usually, such a system soon, "released", because, conceding profitable trade, we once again back "zaprygivayem" in the system, and then stumble on the next series of losses. On the other hand, if our system has a high percentage of winning trades, we will not be tempted to try to outsmart the system. First of all, we understand that, if missed some kind of deal, it is likely to be profitable transaction. Thus, the favorable parameters of the system helps us maintain trading discipline at the proper urovne.Sistemy with a high percentage of winning trades require less diversification. A typical trend-tracking system requires a constant search for markets with a strong trend. Strong trends arising relatively rare and to be sure that we have just the right market at the right time, we must diversify our trade across multiple markets. Additional information is available at mozes victor konig. We can not afford to lose at least one of these large trends. Diversifying as much as possible, we will very likely be able to catch the big trend, offset past losses, and get new revenue.

In Russia

Monday, May 9th, 2016

This suggests that our population is in a rather disadvantaged, if not deplorable, condition. In connection with this situation in the area of lending, many people are questioning how to ensure a financial support with the least risk to themselves, and even in favorable conditions. From this perspective, learn about the new technology of interest-free loan of the population that is trying to get through to us in Russia. This system creation and implementation of lending to individuals through their union in public organizations. This form of work has long existed and is actively developing overseas.

Public association – not a commercial association, which was created to implement programs aimed at increasing the welfare and quality of life in society. Becoming a member of a social organization, you have the right to participate in all programs of the association. In Russia, this form of work is still referred to "Timeshare". Ie, a club whose members have special privileges. And one of these programs is an interest-free loans of members club.

What are the advantages of such an interest-free loan of club members? First, each member club is entitled to receive interest-free loan with no references, collateral and guarantors. His membership in the club is its Guaranteed. Second, all payments are made through the banking system bank statement, indicating that the transparency of all operations performed. Third, privacy. Each member of the club through his personal back-office monitors movement of credit in the system on-line. Fourth, attracting people to become a member, you will receive a special allowance for all the movements of his club card (for example, a certain percentage, if he took the credit). Fifth, Club members are eligible to participate in other "bonus" programs of the club. Thus, the topic is interesting enough for reflection. Finish is our consciousness to participate in such projects? Take hold if we have this form of work in the business clubs? And that we will have to become members of the club? If you're ready to take part in the discussion of this material, or do you have on this topic interesting thought, but maybe you have any questions, we invite you to the forum

Loans And Insurance

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2015

Loans provide up to 25-30 years with a right of early redemption. It is imperative insurance apartments, and many banks and credit life insurance. In order for you to "okreditovali" need to provide a number of documents: an income statement (in Russian or Ukrainian), the declaration of the tax identification code, confirm that in Ukraine there is some kind of housing, property, securities, etc. So, in the credit real estate often take when they want to buy something big and do not have enough money or people do not want to take out money from their business turnover. Sometimes a buyer does not want to show your income law enforcement agencies. For even more opinions, read materials from Howard Schultz. But in any case, the loan in Spain, as we see, much less our own.

Therefore, if good sense, then buy on credit property in Spain is more profitable, and safer than in Ukraine. If your purpose – investment, here the choice of more than evident. – How much time can be a buyer of Spanish real estate in this country? – Every homeowner in Spain and his family are entitled to a one-year Schengen multivisa, through which you can be in any of the countries of the Schengen zone to 180 days per year in any breakdown, but no more than 90 consecutive days. And significantly, this visa from all Schengen countries only gives Spain. These visas are indisputably renewed every year until the person has property in this country. Sometimes even such incidents occur: a person buys a villa in Nice, but go there often can not – do not give visas.