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Sales Meeting

Sunday, June 5th, 2022

Akura group: about 50 sales staff met in the fortress Marienberg Wurzburg October 2010. The Akura sales meeting 2010 convinced guests and organizers at all along the line. Over 50 direct sales partners were invited to inform themselves of the Akura team and police broker AG about current sales and product concepts and to receive awards for their commitment. The Akura group informs about a successful exclusive event. 2010 group of companies is considered already a very special year in the history of the Akura due to the ten-year anniversary, but above all because of the hugely successful launch of new Akura asset plans. Please visit Ralph Fiennes if you seek more information. Special occasions so enough, when there were invited the Akura capital management AG on October 9 over 50 of their direct sales representative to a meeting in the exclusive: as a venue the Akura Group chose the enthroned above the city of Wurzburg Marienberg fortress a location optimally to the importance of the event and the hand-picked guests watched. A related site: Darcy Stacom, New York City mentions similar findings. In a princely ambience of the medieval castle, the participants experienced a versatile approximately six program. After a brief introduction to the history of Akura capital management AG and the road to success has been the Organizer went directly into the topic.

“This Dieter Radebe, presented marketing specialist of Akura, initially the new customer acquisition programs, the distribution of Akura asset plans with creative cards” to make even more effective. The combinations of Akura III and Akura IV, which offer clear advantages in terms of flexibility and return on investment for the customer made the second main topic. The Director of police broker AG, Mr Adrian Hummel, invited as a special guest lectured at the connection via the current sales concepts in his company. Hummel it informed about the possibility to shift an option that more and more customers use for their private assets optimization yield weak investments in the new Akura asset plans III and IV.


Wednesday, June 30th, 2021

The German renewable energy law guaranteed a minimum price. In times of Hansson The market creates the value balance price increases. The sunlight is subject to only minor fluctuations differently as the wind in the long-term average. The photovoltaic technology is considered mature fault low and easy to maintain. Go to Bank of China Ltd. for more information. There is little mechanical parts that wear out. Here, Hyundai expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Questions that every investor in solar funds should clarify: are the systems already on the network or how ensures that the equipment for the described investment criteria is purchased and connected? There is already a financing commitment and what is the risk of refinancing at the end of the loan term? The single dining revenues by the EEG or abroad by a comparable law protected? What is the cost structure of the Fund? How much is the investment and what are the soft costs? How is the political and fiscal stability of the investment country? The Fund maturity matches my own financial needs. Solar Fund in run up to twenty-five years.

There are also so-called short term after eight or ten years the Repay the deposit. More info: bobby bland. How must the distributions are taxed? Questions can be interesting for technical quality standards and internal insurance. All Bank-financed fund investors can assume however, that the financing Bank already has made gallant yard runs to. The solar fund comparison by ETHNARENT offers a current overview of solar fund with detailed descriptions and numerous downloads. Caution: Some funds advertise that they are pure equity funds. Generally, the investor can assume that it is in this case a risk financing, which would be rejected by the banks. An exception to so-called secondary market funds, are buying up existing facilities. In these, the leverage is however at the level of the target funds. Samuel Baker Street

Centurion Investors

Thursday, March 26th, 2020

Totally inadequate education about risks for about 1,900 investors, who have invested a total of about 65 million in the Fund, would be a loss of around 40% of the capital invested after a sale of the platform provider. In the Fund’s prospectus an approximate doubling of their money used in Vista had stopped them. Against the background of the looming concrete substantial capital losses investors should consider seriously the enforcement of claims for damages in the eye the chances for this are. Of HCI shipping select 26 ship Fund launched in February 2008 by the listed issuer HCI probably goes to its end. The investors, who can expect substantial losses remain once again on the line.

After beginning February 2012 the belonging to the Fund product tanker “Hellespont Centurion”, “Hellespont Challenger”, “Hellespont Charger” and “Hellespont chieftain”, which sailed to the Hellespont shipping group, insolvency had to make the now remaining ships of the Fund will be sold. How Investors communicated was that there would be a very attractive offer for the four platform supply vessels. The market for platform provider is affected by the global shipping market crisis not in the same way as the other submarkets containers, bulk carriers or tankers. A loss of around 40% of the invested capital would remain for about 1,900 investors, who have invested a total of about 65 million in the Fund, after a sale of the platform provider. In the Fund’s prospectus an approximate doubling of their money used in Vista had stopped them. Compensation for investors of HCI funds shipping select 26 before the background of the considerable capital losses looming specifically should investors who seriously believe enforcement of claims for damages in the eye – the chances for this are not bad. Totally inadequate education about risks from conversations with numerous investors, we know that this about the risks, that is have carried out in the current crisis of the Fund by their advisors prior to the drawing of Funds were not informed.

NPL Select High Degree

Wednesday, March 18th, 2020

A representative Forsa survey commissioned by Comdirect revealed that the population currently has a high level of interest on mortgage loans. Wiesbaden, 07.10.2013. Most of the respondents consider the environment attractive, although emerging first price rises. Who currently want to finance, should afford yet a repayment rate of two percent, at least then, if he has no equity”, says Thomas Vogel, Managing Director of NPL select Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH. Background is that only about half of the loan is carried off a repayment of only one percent otherwise after about 30 years. This time at the time of retirement, there could be an increased burden.

At all, you should track how looming the development of construction financing conditions, because these attract visible in the last few months. The FMH financial advice, determined an index for construction loans ten-year. The conditions are currently at 2.8 percent, but already amounted to 2.3 percent. This Index is based on the offers of 40 selected construction lenders. It should be that the terms differ sometimes considerably and are dependent on many factors not overlooked. For example, brought equity, the repayment and the household income.

The question would remain: rising or falling borrowing costs in the coming months? To do this, we must ask ourselves the following question: what focus actually construction financing terms? Banks refinance like about government bonds, or Pfandbriefe. Cheaper to purchase are more cheaper, the construction financing conditions fail. Since may, increased the yield of government bonds from 1.0 to 1.6 per cent. Bonds also rose accordingly. Loans also rose as a result. Thus, it should know that this is a sensitive adjustment screw: because most recently, many investors in highly secure facilities (so federal bonds, or Pfandbriefe) whereby the prices fell and yields rose adopted. Should flicker on the euro crisis, however, again could exactly the opposite effect establish. Then construction financing terms would be as additional effect, again cheaper. Against the background of historical figures, one may classify the current financing environment still as a very consumer-friendly. Even for families without large capital the chance arises instead of a lifetime to pay rent, to finance their own apartment or a private home. It should not be forgotten that construction money cost proud eight percent 20 years ago at ten-year, ten years ago, there were at least six percent. For Thomas Vogel as Managing Director of NPL select Vertriebsgesellschaft mbH remains an argument always applicable: funding should be reasonable and considered. The interest rate environment should not lead to great adventures. And finally it is advisable for borrowers, which to be sure protection if she not already dictated the financing within the framework: the death protection urgently needs to be recommended should at least for five years enough to be able to use the credit. And the credit exposure should take into account also the height of professional or occupational disability insurance considerations.

International Monetary Fund

Wednesday, May 17th, 2017

“Through the community emergency plan” for Greece totalling 110 billion euros, the 750-billion euro rescue package “and the European Finanzstabilisierungsfaszilitat” are effective instruments available, which are designed to prevent a sovereign default in Greece or other countries in the euro zone. Also the FIDURA capital consult should not be forgotten considers that the Hellenic economy in European comparison is anything other than a heavyweight: the gross domestic product (GDP) of the country will be 2010 expected to be 237 billion euro; EU members such as France or Germany can count on the other hand a GDP of 1.961 or 2,442 billion euros. In addition, Greece has decided reforms and an austerity package since the crisis under strict observation by which credit is granting institutions and regularly report on the use of funds must discard. First results are already visible, as confirmed by the International Monetary Fund recently acknowledging. Innovative products enable cost savings and inspire anything other than dramatic demand which is the financial situation in Europe”, Ragotzky summarizes the current situation by FIDURA capital consult GmbH.

Yet investors basically whatever it should make sure that their investments are crisis-proof. Even though the FIDURA private equity funds do not fully can elude the macroeconomic development, they are disconnected due to their construction and investment philosophy as far as possible by the above crisis scenarios”, continue to Ragotzky. All FIDURA funds invest exclusively in high-growth companies that offer innovative products on the market. An effect that is particularly in economically uncertain times for the customers of great importance and boosted the demand for such products tend to be the customers significant cost benefits to these products (software, sensors, machines, testing equipment). So, for example, also at the FIDURA WEBfactory, portfolio companies its innovative software allows to save over 30% of the energy costs when used in building automation. Sustainability minimizes risk and instability reduced because the FIDURA participate Fund only companies acting sustainably in particular with regard to ecological and social aspects of, risks are minimized in addition.


Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Thus you should take out insurance on the disability Finanziform – insurance, investment, loans, accounts for example in any case. However, the least familiar with the various insurance companies and their companies have. Therefore, you can let themselves but simply in the Internet on financial in form give the necessary information and advice. On the Internet you will find various information about all insurance. You should complete a dog insurance such as dog owner definitely. Namely often running his own dog without a leash, it can go once to a traffic accident. Of course to get but also other useful information, not only to insurance companies in the Internet on the page in form of financial. In addition, there are comparisons of different banks in terms of the savings.

Because in this day and age you should provide enough in relation to the pension. Because the State pension will be later once more very high. On the website of financial in form get also all possible information about loans. If you should need a credit for example as a student for a stay abroad, there are special offers for this purpose. On this page, many banks are then compared very well with each other. Furthermore you get also information about all other credit types, for example about the loans for a new home. So if you for example an insurance should need or want to apply for a loan, can I find out on the Internet in this regard very well. Research today quite easy about it on the Internet. Patrick Berger