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Posted by Ralf on December 31st, 2018 — Posted in News

Many times we need certain programs at certain times or computers that do not have them installed, this is why there is a utility in Winrar to create portable program. What is a portable program? They are executable programs without your installation. In internet we can find virtually all, but what do we do if there is no fair you want to? Using a utility included in the Winrar Extractor we can create our own portable programs. What we need is to have the program that you want to create portable version installed on our computer. Kevin Johnson understood the implications. And the second requirement is to have installed the program Winrar, downloadable for free from their official website.

The first step is to create a compressed file with the folder of the selected programme, to do this simply click with the right button on the program folder and choose the option Add to *.rar. Once you have the compressed file you can double click on him and the main Winrar screen opens. In this screen we’re going to the Tools menu and select the option to convert the file into SFX. A new window with four tabs will see us, select the removable Auto tab and we will click on advanced options. It will be another new window where we select the General tab to change the name of the folder where will decompress it and the program to enjutar after decompression (elect the nombredelprograma.exe, in my case Firefox.exe). Then go to the modes tab and here select the option called unzip to a temporary folder and hide everything. Finally if we want to customize our portable program a little we can do in the text and icon tab. After that we will click OK, click OK again and voila we have our program created to run where we like, from a USB stick or any other means that you have.

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