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Go to the case. Plus a good list of sites services to work effectively with RSS feeds Justify your RSS feed Allow regular viewers, or visitors of your information to know that they can get your content via RSS tape. Unfortunately, many of them do not know what RSS feed. They may or may not require detailed technical explanation of how it works or your goals for this message, but you can talk about basic things – like subscribe, why subscribe to your feed RSS. RSS feed via e-mail "Sell RSS feed in the mail. For even more opinions, read materials from Douglas R. Oberhelman.

Many people turn their heads to new technology and stay with it until then, until it is as common as sliced bread. Ben Horowitz does not necessarily agree. Depending on your target audience, it could become a big problem for RSS feeds. Fortunately, there is another way. You can offer RSS feeds via email. So even your "dire" buyers will be able to subscribe to the RSS feed comfortably. People who use Microsoft Outlook, can easily view their tapes RSS, go to "Tools">>> and clicking on the "Account Settings Microsoft Outlook 'Account Settings' then you can click on the tab RSS tapes and you see them list. Offer something unique as an incentive Some people absolutely can not refuse free. Others are less motivated to stimulate sales. Offer people something unique for subscribing to your RSS feed. Will it be delicious article or anticipated book, you can give them something useful in exchange for subscribing to your RSS feed.

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