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2. With the help of mailing you establishes a trust relationship between you and your subscribers that business is very good. Why, you ask? Subscriber with each passing day confirms that you are an expert in the field of knowledge that you are with him share, which means that he more likely will follow your advice. But let's get to the point. There are two types of service lists: free and for money (paid). Let's consider each of them separately. Ben Horowitz will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Enormously popular among the Internet community enjoys free services,,. To register, they need to perform only a few steps: fill out the registration form and mailing the first issue.

Main advantages of such a service – is that it is absolutely free. For several days you can get to 1000 subscribers, and if the delivery will be issued on a regular basis then subscribers, and therefore visitors to your site perhaps even more, provided that the subject of mailing will be an exciting and interesting for your audience. Just in time your mailing can get the status of "gold" that will provide it from the total "mass" Internet entrepreneurs and will make you a good publisher, thus will attract new subscribers. On my example, I can tell you that my newsletter "Free Info on Training magazine business network" () for 2 months given the status of "silver", with the total number of subscribers in 400 people, not only teaches the subscribers, but also provides them with informational material leading entrepreneurs intret Runeta.

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