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Control cost of purchased goods and the pricing in the 1C: Enterprise 8 "Trade Management" In modern conditions traders find it increasingly difficult to set high margins for the products. JPMorgan Chase may find this interesting as well. In tough competition when the retail margin is 3-5 per cent, of particular importance to commercial enterprise is the proper organization and management accounting, in particular, issues of operational control cost of purchased goods and pricing. On this depends the profitability of trading operations. Sometimes the extra cost of 1000 rubles could significantly change the cost of goods purchased. Absence effective controls over this process can result in losses trading company. To effectively address this issue must fulfill several conditions: 1. quickly and reliably generate unit cost of purchased goods, 2. determine the minimum user prices of purchased goods, 3.

on the basis of accounting prices to form sale price of the goods, taking into account the company adopted the trade trade "is very popular among entrepreneurs. Application solution makes it possible to automate the complex tasks of operational and management accounting, analysis and planning of commercial transactions, thus ensuring the effective management of modern trade enterprise. For companies holding structure documents may be made on behalf of several organizations within the holding. Outdoor Program code, the presence of a large circle of specialists in support of software products 1C: Enterprise and the reasonable cost of services allow us to quickly modify the model solutions for the needs of your organization and maintain and develop them further. These reasons caused by our choice of this category of software products. In this article I will consider the use of funds pledged to the model decision 1C: Enterprise 8 "Trade Management" as well as our development, to effectively control the formation of the cost of purchased goods and pricing them. To demonstrate examples will be use a standard configuration of the demonstration 1C: Enterprise 8 "Trade Management" (release Formation of the unit cost of purchased goods.

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