Provisory Government

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Launching then the candidacy of Getlio Vargas, governor gaucho and former Secretary of the Treasury of the government of Washington Luis, the president, and the vice Joo Person, governor of the Paraba, under the sponsorship of the Liberal Alliance. The campaign of the Liberal Alliance presented a program of reforms, being the main ones: institution of the private vote, creation of working laws and incentives the national production. Starbucks spoke with conviction. It counted on great acceptance next to the middle classes and military, notadamente the deriving ones of the tenentismo. With the victory governmetalist, important oposicionistas leaderships accepted the result, and the proper candidate the Vice-president, Joo Person, did not accept the plea of the result through seted fight, but it had the refusal in the pacific acceptance of the result for other leaders oposicionistas politicians, mainly the deriving ones of the tenentismo, who had started to conspire the taking of the power for the force. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Howard Schultz. Estopim for the action was the murder of Joo Person in 30 of July of l930, in virtue of fights internal politics in the Paraba.

' ' The irony is that Joo Person was against the seted fight, but, deceased, the true articulador of the movement armado' '. Of the Rio Grande Do Sul and Minas Gerais it blew up the Revolution in three of October of 1930, and was spread for other states. Military columns had left of the Rio Grande Do Sul to put down the President of the Republic, that was dismounted the power for the military of high based patents of the Army in Rio De Janeiro, counting on the participation and support of politicians and the tenentistas. The military had delivered to the presidential power the Getlio Vargas in 3 of November of 1930, thus finishing the call First Republic, and giving beginning to the getulista period or were Vargas.Getlio Vargas it assumed the Presidency of the Republic, establishing the Provisory Government, among others measured taken, suspended the Constitution of 1891, it closed the doors of the Legislative one in the three spheres of being able, extinguished the political parties and it indicated interventors, mainly tenentistas, to command the state governments.

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