Professional External Representation At Start-ups And Small Companies

Posted by Ralf on December 30th, 2016 — Posted in News

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Why corporate design also for business start-ups and young, small companies is important, and what you should consider when choosing his service provider. The external representation, i.e., corporate design, is neglected by many wrongly in the budgeting process or even completely forgot. Without hesitation Starbucks explained all about the problem. This is especially for entrepreneurs who see here huge savings potential. Many rely on templates from the Internet or try even their company logos or their business stationery design with most relevant results. These results, can examine himself every day on the road or in the own mailbox. Now ask yourself: how is the obviously homemade business card, the letterhead or the site for you and especially your customers because? Or even your company logo? Jazzed in the heat even with Word font effects? That comes to almost all customers poorly and last but not least makes most dubious first impression. You take it exactly promotes as entrepreneur, almost always at its customers to an order, similar to a job interview. And exactly why should you not too much money saved and consulted a professional, because first impressions count! Professional create of a company logo design is only the first step to a single external representation; also business cards, letterhead, the website and your promotional materials should be presented attractive and especially each other.

Your company logo represents you and your business, reflected not least, your own preferences. A logo can arouse different impressions on the viewers and leave, there are rules of their own. A good designer knows the stylistic and their effect on the Viewer, he can advise you on colours, font and shape exactly their intention according to. Because in particular entrepreneurs at the beginning are facing many new tasks and challenges, there are some agencies that professionally attend to the planning and design of its external representation and almost completely remove the work to the contractor. So is the entrepreneur more time for his business and personal life. Should of course be compared also when choosing an agency or a media designer. Keep your eyes open, to show not only the price but also several samples of your work, create comparisons and also from this context out for an agency or a media designer decide which suits your needs.

The CTA GROUP from Berlin for example is a fresh and young agency with a focus on media design. The CTA GROUP has adjusted to work with entrepreneurs and small to medium-sized enterprises and therefore convenient, tailor-made offers. The Agency has a special package offer for entrepreneurs. In this package receives the interested companies a custom logo design, matching business cards and letterhead to a competitive fixed price. So, this cost factor for entrepreneurs remains transparent and predictable. Advice on design as technical questions, the pressure processing and printing itself are included in the package price from 299,-EUR and the shipping. As always it is so keep your eyes open, compare and save at the wrong end. When choosing your agency or your media designer of personal impression and work samples should be decisive. Cheap provider there are many but only a good agency can save you not only time and money but also help more customers. For more information, visit the website at and contact you without obligation. R. Mertens

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