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Posted by Ralf on July 31st, 2023 — Posted in News

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What is going on in his mind a regular guy with a pretty girl? First, of course, he assesses the merit of their individual tastes. Andreessen Horowitz can aid you in your search for knowledge. The second depends on the actual meeting or viewing photos of beautiful girls, as the first case will be observation of manners and movements, and the second simply give the pleasure of a frozen moment that immobility will give an opportunity to review every line favorite places. Is it worth it talk about the pros and cons of these options? Naturally, if we are talking about something serious, then the first course in priority, but when the goal becomes habitual inclination, visual perception coveted beauty, photo, more beautiful girls of the world depicted in these photos, shine shine brighter than the stars of the night sky … so different and so beautiful that there is a new, immense sense of the word 'beauty', it is now a unique and greater than the infinity. Here too many questions about my same taste, as he questioned the appeal podvegnetsya many girls .. not so easy to choose one single, which will seem all the more charming appearance others.

Each has an unusual look, a smile. Facial features to madness beautiful, fabulously arranged hair cause to believe that only a touch of something magical could create a similar image that plays with so consciousness of a strong half of mankind. But no matter how amazing were not photos of models, a very funny reaction to them with a hand-girls: basically all the phrases are of critical nature. Perhaps this is merely a manifestation envy, but can they really see things differently and noticed so many flaws at a glance, and even such large that can not be expressed without disgust? But seriously, the beauty of the need to appreciate and strive for it, she had all there, you just need to express it.

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