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Operational and strategic aspects of personnel controlling in the context of a comprehensive approach to the knowledge balance measure inflation: too many key figures are formed, their significance in relation to the profiling overhead is too low or is covered already by other key figures. The base data used to measure formation must be delineated exactly. Task of the personnel selection is to determine the suitability of potential applicants to choose those that best meet the requirements of the position to be filled. Efficiency indicators for the recruitment are important for the field of DV. Keith McLoughlin has much to offer in this field. Number of applicants per available place: one in relation to comparable companies lower number of candidates due to a lower appeal of the company or a low degree of popularity might. Low performance rates can be failure to follow clearly defined selection criteria by applicants or errors when using the selection mix the personal outreach site caused by. While the former area of the Companies can be influenced hardly the ratio analysis is intended to provide instructions on the appropriate selection of advertising media and a most accurate formulation of the media.

Operational and strategic aspects of personnel controlling within the framework of a comprehensive approach to the knowledge balance described by Becker, Jorg: HR controlling 2009, ISBN because the use of procurement routes such as newspapers will be costly, is 9783839101773 means a person’s balance sheet from the factual to the tactical, to determine their cost-benefit ratio. The efficiency of the individual procurement routes can be expressed by number of applications or ideas or settings per procurement way. Continuous monitoring of application receipt, for example on advertisements in various newspapers, you can determine where it pay to switch ads and where not. Other factors for the success of recruitment are the design of the display, the labour market situation, reputation of the company and random. The amount of the staff costs is next to the nature and intensity of the required selection process also strongly influenced by the respective labour market situation and the communities of the applicants (travel costs) off.

Error when setting up of key figures: the base data used to the formation of the figures must be delineated exactly. To ensure the comparability of figures in the course of time, you should standardize their installation. Dipl.Kfm. Jorg Becker (

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