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Management schools within their chairs marketing, they can not ignore what represents at the present time the green marketing. Their relevance, scope must be taken into account not only by the general manager, but by the same marketing dse, so she represents. Knows, it emerged in the 1990s as a response to the need to safeguard the global deterioration that is accelerated reapidamente. Recently Douglas Oberhelman sought to clarify these questions. The classical marketing has focused its operation, since its appearance, the interests of the company and to the needs of the consumer, leaving aside the welfare long-term. (Kotler, 2003).

But the passage of the years, marketing has directed its attention to this situation, finding a new field where developed and where problems can be seen as profitable opportunities. Thus was born the sustainable marketing, a new branch defined as the process of plan, implement and control the development of price, promotion and distribution of products to satisfy the consumer’s needs and objectives of the Organization and at the same time the process is compatible with the environment the program of Postgradode specialty management of the quality and productivity of the postgraduate Area of UC Faces, has been considered within their subject the importance of considering this topic given to its role in the current economic and scenarios that it represents both for the country as for the business sector which involves this green marketingIt is defined by many, such as the development and promotion of products and packaging containing biodegradable components that protect the environment. But this new trend goes far beyond. Sustainable marketing promotes the modification of the entire product lifecycle to involve ecological responsibility in every part of the process.This means that companies must face their responsibility in the life cycle of the product manufacturing eco-efficient products, i.e. that last longer, occur with the fewest possible resources and containing recycled materials whenever possible. This should take care during the entire process, from the raw materials, the production process and the final product.

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