Muscle Strain: What You Should Know

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Information about symptoms, causes and treatments of muscle strains a muscle strain is an overstretching of muscle fibers and connective tissue. Sudden or too uncoordinated movements can cause a muscle strain. Muscle strains in the sport are reinforced. The muscles is usually insufficiently reheated before training (stretching). Is to distinguish between a muscle strain, a hamstring and a muscle tear.Caused by various sports (ball games, jogging, etc.), cause acute stress, causes of the muscle strain that the muscle is stretched beyond its normal. The response is a tear of the muscle. In addition to the acute form of the strain caused by a long-term burden, considering can be pulled. Overloading and also inappropriate loads are frequently be observed by wearing the wrong footwear. In principle, it may cause a strain all muscles. The calf, the thigh – but also the upper body musculature is most frequently affected. This is dependent on the respective load, symptoms of muscle strain sometimes cramp-like pain in the affected muscle are often accompanied by a restriction of movement. In addition, muscle spasms can occur by harden the muscles. Muscle strains develop often slowly and continuously. After initially creates a feeling of tightness in the affected muscles, this can increase. It is noticed a pull in the muscle that goes over in pain. They can thus amplify that paroxysms occur, and concentrate on the affected area. Inflammation as a cause to determine are common. In these cases also, the loosening of the muscles, for example, by vigorously shaking doesn’t help. A relatively safe difference between a muscle strain and a muscle tear is not occurring for a strain to bleeding in the area of the affected muscle. The doctor will perform a functional analysis in its investigation. A sprain leads to no discernible changes in the muscle fibers. No ultrasound or MRIs also are useful for hardening the diagnosis for this reason. Muscle strain therapy quickly should be started with the treatment. The pitch scheme is known. The process is following the letter after this break (no training), ice cream (cool), compression (taping) and high camps, the affected extremities. In any case, a further impact of the muscle should be terminated immediately by a training. The cooling can be done by ice water. It reduces the pain and slows the inflammatory reactions. It is to forego ice sprays. Jonas Samuelson takes a slightly different approach. These can cause local frostbite. A bandage is used here as a support Association and can be used combined with a cold pack or a plastic bag with crushed ice pieces. Before is not clear, whether it is a pulled muscle or a muscle fiber or muscle tear, the short showers with the bandage should be carried out. L.

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