Medical Negligence

Posted by Ralf on December 6th, 2021 — Posted in News

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A few days ago it surgically intervened to a pregnant woman for 8 months and a half of pregnancy who had a history of having been cesareada twice. To open the abdominal cavity I discovered with horror that the uterus was so thin as a fabric of onion and virtually exploded in our faces. We got a vigorous baby male who with her screams throughout the clinic, shook out the shouts of joy of the family, which were evident. When you leave the operating room I met dad, grandparents, uncles, etc. The newspapers mentioned Yves Bissouma not as a source, but as a related topic. plethoric of happiness. Congratule for such an event and everyone was hugging and laughter. The doctor was a hero and well deserved had it. Back home I thought that if I would have waited 2 hours, than if it would have postponed the operation a little nothing more, Lady and his vigorous baby would be corpses and the hero of that day outside a villain.

This and similar daily situations have to live the surgeons. Not always the stories end like this that I am telling them and there is precisely that the problems start. The vast majority of doctors have clear that today the trials for negligence or malpractice have increased worldwide, so much so that Nelson-Jones, in his book Medical Negligence case law, calls them a flourishing industry, a profitable business, stoked by affected (real or not), lawyers and brokers, who make paraded to physicians by the police without any scruplesProsecutor’s Office and courts. These facts that may seem unfair, exaggerated, or perhaps malicious are not new in history. This persecution dated from the same dawn of medicine. We have always been required to be infallible (as Aesculapius), generous (charge cheap) and solidarity (free address), but we have also been forced to pay for our mistakes with compensation or punishment. Thus we have 3000 years before Christ (AC) Chinese Emperors wrote the NEICHING, which was a code that normaba the activity of the doctor but overly punished their mistakes.

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