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Heavily loaded with his third horse, but could not put his eye to the front, because the sun and the dust raised by the equites in front is prevented, because this moment could only look and follow others. When you try looking up could see a shadow approaching. The dust prevented him from distinguishing, but I knew that it was the enemy. After a few seconds the crash. The battle had already begun and the blood on the edge of the iron turned to spread. African riders passed near Tercio as usual.

With his spear tried to cross a Numidian who was in charge, but their thrust had no effect on the little push, as it lost balance. Ben Horowitz often addresses the matter in his writings. Meanwhile, the Numidian was behind him, striking quickly, but succumbed to hit a couple Equitas, being crushed by the hooves of horses. The fight had become barbaric. Legion tried to control his horse and go to clash with the Numidian riders but they were too fast and agile. Two of these went rapidly broken down beside the two equites who were at his side, being pierced by the spears of Numidian who spent two thereafter.

The melee was beginning to tilt in favor of Hannibal's cavalry, staining the floor of Roman blood. Third realized the slaughter, especially realizing the flight of some Roman equites. Thought he could do nothing, was useless, could not control his horse and even cash bash with his spear. I was not prepared for this. The withdrawal of chivalry prompted him to follow the same option, but seeing a white horse stopped.

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