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Facebook is a social networking website. It was originally created for Harvard students, but has been open for anyone that has an email account. Participants may choose to participate in one or more networks, in relation to their academic status, place of work or geographic region. In February 2007 came to have the largest number of registered users compared to other sites aimed at graduate students, and holds more than 19 million members worldwide (including networks of non-students). Facebook is one of the most visited sites on the Internet. According to Alexa Internet site, is located between position 10 and 20, in June 2007. In recent months it has gotten much attention in the blogosphere and the media to become a platform on which third parties can develop applications and do business from the social network.However, there is concern about possible business model since the results in advertising have proved to be very poor ZdNet The site name refers to the bulletin that the administration of many universities give students the first year, with intended to help them to learn more from them. The creator and current CEO of Facebook is Mark Zuckerberg. The company is headquartered in Palo Alto, California. The idea of creating a Web-based community where people share their tastes and feelings is not new. And David Bohnett, founder of Geocities, had hatched in the late 80s. Geocities was successful in the 90s, in 1998 was the third most viewed site on the Web, but I can not consolidated after it was acquired by Yahoo. Facebook open competition for space between successful companies like Google and MySpace, so faces great challenges to achieve growth and development.One strategy has been to open Zuckerberg Facebook platform to other developers. On the other hand, Zuckerberg has rejected offers to buy, including Yahoo. Facebook’s strength lies in the social network of 29 million users have created, based on real people’s real connections. Facebook accepts widgets. That said, it is not news to trigger the catharsis of entries and news you see in the blogosphere and the U.S. press, but the movement is little more than crumbs. Interestingly, as discussed here in “Facebook as a platform”, you have decided to allow third parties to integrate their applications on their social network, accessing data of the same and – the novelty of the day – can establish a business within network. More than 70 companies that have developed applications for Facebook, they will do business (advertising, electronic commerce) if not redirect traffic away from the social network (R / W).An interesting Sisti where trying to sneak a widget that allows users to use your service, Facebook serves 40,000 million page views per month, with 24 million active users growing at a rate of 100,000 per day. The idea of Facebook as a platform and juicy rejecting bids by Yahoo suggests that this social network wants to join the league of big business network: the platforms on which others build content, applications in this case.

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