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IUDs cause minimal damage to the woman’s body. And sometimes a prophylactic against all sorts of women’s gynecological diseases (breast cancer, cysts, cancer and others). In addition, these pills can be used is not giving birth, girls and women who are contraindicated other methods of protection. and after refusing to accept the data of the body recovers quickly and become able to conceive. Even if you’re a bit away from the instructions on the use of pills (forget to take pills on time), we can to adjust their acceptance and courage to continue their further use. Also, these tablets are convenient because it does not need to constantly go to the gynecologist and they are sold in almost all pharmacies of the city. It’s no secret that most The common side effects from the use of these tablets is the appearance of excessive weight, which arises from the appearance of increased appetite as a consequence of hormonal balance in women. Other side effects (high blood pressure, nausea, ovolosenenie and so on) are caused by more wrong choice of contraceptives in these cases you should consult with your doctor / gynecologist to replace at another kind of contraceptive.

Assortment of pills are so huge that with your doctor can pick out the most suitable for your body. If for some reason you do not want to swallow pills or you do not is so organized to use these pills regularly, you can use condoms when having sex. Now a wide range of condoms that will satisfy any taste. You can buy condoms, glow in the dark, with a special lubricant, with different flavors, different configurations and shapes and so on. In addition, condoms are like no protection against various sexually transmitted infections (infection of the genital herpes during copulation saves only the condom).

And if you frequently change sexual partners, and do not want to, not only pregnant, but get them, then condoms are there best. Also, condoms are one of the the most accessible and cheap means of protection against pregnancy and sexual infections. Next, we consider such means of protection against pregnancy, such as intrauterine devices. Unfortunately, they are not suitable for nulliparous women and often change sexual partners. Since the coil is introduced into the cervix (only the doctor-gynecologist), opens the way to the uterus infections, there are heavy bleeding during menstruation and at first, and pain during intercourse. In now began to produce new IUDs with hormones fillers. These spirals are also therapeutic in nature, some of their views can be applied and nulliparous women. But there may be side actions, such as the use of hormonal drugs. Which of these means of protection from unwanted pregnancies to choose, you decide. But I advise, before finally decide to consult with her gynecologist. He is a specialist, always recommend the best for your vehicle.

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