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Currently the biggest quarrel on the ambient problems of the planet is come back toward the water, or better, for the water lack. The scientists alert that the problem of the water lack not if must to the rain absence, but yes to the type of development that we have practically chosen since the Industrial Revolution, based in the immediate profit without planning of the actions human beings. That is, a series of aggressions against the nature and its resources, mainly the water and its cycle, comes occurring. As cited previously, the fast population growth and the indifference of the population in the consumption of the water are the villainous greaters.

Ahead of social function of the school to acquire knowledge the pupil how much to its social behavior, we must develop strategies capable to reach the objectives of preservation of the water and its conscientious consumption. Through one to know systemize and globalizado, we will favor significant, contextualizada a learning. According to book CIESC (2003 pg. 98): We live in a planet whose busy area for the water is three times bigger of what the busy one for the land, being thus becomes necessary a reflection regarding the subject, therefore only one small amount is proper for the human consumption, therefore they are of basic importance the preservation and rational use of this important renewable natural resources. The increasing aggravation of the water lack must be explored and be divulged widely so that the population if mobilizes and establishes a new form to think and to act, as changes of habits, uses and customs. This new to think and to act, over all aims at the economic growth that respects the capacity of the resources of the environment, the water. awareness and the education of the people, of the consumer, is basic. To use this natural resources without wastefulness to consider it a social and ambient priority generates with that the drinking waters and healthful never lack in our taps.

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