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THE GLOBALIZATION OF KNOWLEDGE The Globalization of conocimientoPor now, for business training increases the demands in order not to be behind its closest competitors. Training managers in the area of human resources companies will seek the best deals for their employees training in a wide spectrum: languages, use and management of new technologies, specialized training packages … Enter a correct and good training is a form of innovation, increased productivity and competitiveness of the company in full bloom in the era of technology and conocimientos.As same, universities and other training centers will be forced to design and offer competitive training, given the easy access to any source on the internet.We are at the gates of the Globalization of conocimiento.Quiz s think we are close on terms such as: Why should I take a course in business administration in my city when I have a great interesting offer elsewhere and I can follow through Internet O: … I can not afford to hire for my 200 employees a training program than the more competitive the market. If my competitors resort to more competitive corporate training uan I am sure my company will pay in terms of productivity and competitiveness …

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