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Specialist solicitors advise ship fund investors at the HCI of ship Fund shipping select XI seems to burn it lichterloh on every nook and cranny. Nearly 43 million invested investors in late 2005 in the funds of the HCI emissions House. The concept was the purchase of two multi purpose freighter and four full container ship for a total cost of over 100 million. It seems more than questionable whether even a refund of parts of their invested capital will be possible for the investors of the Fund at the end of. The overview of the six vessels of the Fund offers low-light and much shadow: ship MS “Hammonia Magician” – insolvent ship MS “Hammonia recommendation” – no going-concern Outlook, sales ship MS “Hammonia Recognition” – restructuring has–so far ship MS “Bianca Rambow” – new corporate restructuring necessary ship MS “Pauline” – new corporate restructuring required keeps ship MS “Sleipner” – restructuring – ask many investors of the HCI shipping select XI, if the Fund that is, as what he was recommended to them at the time of the consultant. Some have experienced in the past few years is backgrounds and risks that were not even aware of them before deciding to participate in this Fund. Distributions no longer get them. Claims for damages as the investors of the HCI shipping select XI with whom we have spoken, realistic option were about the background and the functioning of the Fund, as well as the risks that poorly informed.

Some advice errors we noticed: more than a quarter not valuable investing high distribution costs – Emmissionskosten about 22%, only 69% of investor capital for investment purposes used no education about the risks of highly speculative investment not suitable concealed funds as retirement risks of missing long-term charter agreements because certain errors in the advice keep coming up, we see promising opportunities for the enforcement of claims for damages for the violation of obligations under the respective contracts of advice. For more information about the HCI funds shipping Select XI can be found here: Office/news /… We are investors of the HCI of ship Fund shipping select XI for an individual consultation available.

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