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Posted by Ralf on December 15th, 2016 — Posted in News


After the crisis the world has changed attitude toward the business and reinforced concepts such as maximum effectiveness and efficiency. All entrepreneurs and business leaders have started to make the restructuring of its enterprises and their check on quality of work. All these events are not spared and trading industry. The vast majority of trade – is one of the most dynamic and profitable industries. But things have changed since beginning in 2009 and now the development of trade networks abruptly stopped due to financial problems. The opening of new outlets has always required considerable investments, which in other matters pay off fairly quickly, but not in the current conditions. Investments in new commercial equipment become very risky and requires maximum care. People such as Douglas Oberhelman would likely agree.

But fortunately the "traders" do not go alone with his problem. They have the support of a new, dynamic growing market for equipment recycling. Commercial equipment used – just a good opportunity to save money on buying equipment and reduce the risks when opening a new store. It is hard to imagine other conditions for successful development of this market. Contemporary range in a lot does not yield a similar range of new equipment.

In Russia, commercial equipment will not only presented to those who used in Russia but also abroad using. It turned out very profitable imported from overseas trading second-hand equipment and sell it on our territory. In many ways, the quality of this equipment can be compared with buying a used car abroad. Europeans are protective of all things, including the hardware, which makes the quality of the secondary market rather high and determines good balance of price and quality equipment. Certainly the crisis – a temporary phenomenon and is likely to give effect to such markets, the secondary equipment is directly connected with it, but while the trend in the market solely positive. So do not ignore the extra opportunity to save at least the next few years.

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